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Give Young Athletes a Safe, Healthy Start

Get the athletes in your family ready for a safe sports season this fall. Schedule your child’s state-required sports physical at a Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s clinic today.

All young athletes, no matter what the sport, will benefit from a physical before they hit the court, field, ice rink, pool or track. During the exam, your child’s musculoskeletal system will be assessed to rule out conditions that could cause discomfort during physical exertion. Additionally, the physical will assess heart health, joint range of motion and strength. A medical provider may also recommend specific stretches or strength training to help your child in the sport of their choice.  

 Additional assessments covered include:

  • Height and weight

  • Vision

  • Motor reflexes

  • Blood pressure and pulse

  • Discussion about alcohol, drug and supplements  (older youth)

Be prepared to discuss your child’s medical history, including allergies, past injuries, medications and illnesses that run in the family.

Even after a physical, parents should note any changes in their child’s physical condition such as shortness of breath, dizziness or prolonged muscle or joint aches and pains.

Your athlete will find many rewarding benefits when participating in school-based sports. Besides good exercise, your child will experience social interaction, develop leadership skills and play as part of a team. Even individual sports like swimming, tennis and track offer opportunities for goal setting and personal development that can be both challenging and fun.

Make sure your athlete gets a healthy and safe start this season. It is recommended that sports physicals are conducted every two years and completed six weeks prior to the start of the sport season. This allows time for proper evaluation of any issues that may need to be addressed.  Schedule a sports physical for your young athlete today!

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