Benefits of a Private Room

A Healthier Environment for Babies

The private rooms will help reduce the risk of infection, reduce babies’ stress through noise and light control, and provide more privacy for the babies and their families.

A picture of the family area in Columbia St. Mary's NICU.

According to Dr. John Wolf, neonatologist and the director of CSM’s NICU, “Research shows that premature babies do better in a quiet environment. We hope that with the ability to control temperature, lighting and noise level specifically for each baby’s needs, medical outcomes will improve and length of stay will be reduced.”

Almost all patient rooms are 233 square feet — large enough to accommodate separate patient, staff and family areas. These rooms comfortably fit an isolette, monitoring and medical equipment, a work area for physicians and staff as well as a dedicated family area large enough to accommodate an overnight stay. To provide for families with twins, two larger rooms offer enough space for an additional isolette and equipment.

A More Comfortable Environment for Families

The larger, private rooms are designed to make parents feel more at home and part of the care team. To further create a home-like environment, a comfortable visiting area with a kitchenette, educational materials and a children’s play area is available for families. The family-friendly setting allows parents to be an integral part of the care team, giving them a precious opportunity to help their child through this difficult journey.



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