Our Treatment Model

Teen use of alcohol and drugs is on the rise and at alarming rates. One in three children starts drinking by the 8th grade and one out of 20 high school students takes opiates for nonmedical reasons. Across Southeastern Wisconsin we are increasingly aware of the devastating impact it is having on our children, families and community.  From a culture that often glamorizes the consumption of beer, to a growing subculture minimizing the impact that marijuana has on the lives of those who smoke it, our community is witnessing the reality of its devastating impacts. At ASAP we offer candid discussions, treatment and supportive services targeting current drug use, but also emphasizing early intervention and prevention.  

In the past month nearly ten percent of Wisconsin's adolescents used marijuana and nearly 25 percent have used alcohol in the past month and 15 percent binge.  

While the bulk of work happens in session, the success of those working within ASAP is due to their commitment to treatment and the collaborative efforts of an array of caring professions singularly focused on sobriety and sustained positive outcomes. This starts with an assessment of current and past use patterns, and reviewing with the client and their family relevant history, past attempts at sobriety and recovery, as well as those stressors or transitions that have proven influential in their lives. Ours is a model built on the assumption that recovery can occur, but with candid recognition that it is done with concerted effort, resilience and support from not just the client, but also those in their lives as well.   

“Our work is like that of the sherpa. We can guide you to the top and even carry a heavy load, but ultimately getting to there only happens if you take that first step and every single one that follows.”
— The ASAP Team

Employing cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing and collaboration with other clinical and supportive resources the ASAP approach is highly individualized and modified as treatment progress to best match where the client and the family are at. From the first point of contact, to transition out of therapy, the ASAP team works collaboratively with the client and, when clinically indicated, those caring and concerned members of their family as part of the treatment plan. From education, intervention and comprehensive therapeutic services this personal and individualized work is tailored not only to the needs and presenting issues, but more importantly for the longstanding goals and aspirations that will ultimately keep you moving forward in your life.



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