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Melissa Became The Person She Always Wanted To Be

I’d always been overweight, since childhood. But after four kids and a busy schedule, my weight was out of control. I had the aches and pains of a women much older and, worst of all, I couldn’t participate in all the activities my kids wanted to do. I was tired all the time and uncomfortable in public, so we missed out on a lot.

Although I had already been contemplating weight-loss surgery and had yo-yo dieted on my own for years, everything changed in the summer of 2012. I sat down in my neighbor’s plastic deck chair and it broke under my weight. I decided it was time to finally get healthy once and for all. I had a gastric sleeve with Dr. Regan in March of 2013.

With a lot of hard work and the help if the staff at Ascension Columbia St Mary’s, I have lost 180 pounds. I have a new found love for exercise and fitness as well as a new outgoing personality. I’ve become the person who I always wanted to be!

Debbie Before Surgery
Melissa Before Surgery
Debbie After Surgery
Melissa After Surgery


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