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It’s no secret that drug abuse is increasing throughout Ozaukee County and southeast Wisconsin.

Teens and young adults face growing dangers from marijuana, “club drugs,” opiates and heroin. Every year, thousands of teens’ lives are thrown off track by drug and alcohol use.

Responding to this problem, Columbia St. Mary’s is pleased to announce the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP). This innovative program provides values-driven drug treatment that emphasizes early intervention, screening and individual and family therapy when needed. ASAP encourages teens to think about what they want and who they want to be. 

ASAP has been established in partnership with the Ralph Huiras Foundation, created by the longtime Cedarburg lawyer and civic leader who passed away in 2010. In 2005, he brought his vision and compassion to the people of Ozaukee County when he gave a $1.2 million grant to open The Huiras Center at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee, which serves adults in need of substance abuse screening, assessment and treatment.


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kenneth Cole leads the new Adolescent Substance Abuse Program.

To learn more about ASAP, please call 262-241-6127.

In an effort to fulfill Ralph Huiras' vision, ASAP – led by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kenneth Cole – focuses on adolescents and promote recovery and wellness through treatment and education. It offers a range of services, including early intervention, individual and family therapy, motivational interviewing, psycho-education and referrals for medication management and assistance.

"I make a special effort to ensure that each person I work with is treated as unique, bringing into the session their strengths, skills and abilities, which will ultimately serves as the foundation for growth and positive change," says Dr. Cole. 

ASAP works with physicians in the Columbia St. Mary’s network to help screen all adolescents seen in their clinics. The screening allows for dialogue about the dangers of drug use, delivers information on healthy lifestyles and provides for referrals to ASAP for further assessment and treatment.

It also works with nurses, parents, educators, pastors and other professionals in Ozaukee County to provide help and guidance and to increase awareness and foster collaboration on issues of drug and alcohol abuse.

Casual use of drugs and alcohol can quickly develop into an unhealthy pattern that disrupts a teen’s body, mind and future. Identifying at-risk adolescents who might be headed for further challenges with drug and alcohol use is crucial to interrupting this pattern.

ASAP is committed to providing caring outpatient substance abuse services for teens and their families – and supporting them so they make healthier choices throughout their lives.




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