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Burn Center Golf Invitational Celebrates 25th Anniversary   

To support this year's event, please click HERE to register.

Today, more people than ever are living in the aftermath of a severe burn. Of the nearly 500,000 people a year who suffer a burn injury, more than 90 percent survive. But their journey doesn’t end when their physical wounds heal.

For 25 years, the Burn Center Golf Invitational has been raising money to help those burn survivors in need. Since 1989, the Burn Center Golf Invitational has been supporting Columbia St. Mary's Regional Burn Center, the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety’s Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth and other burn-injury prevention and education programs. That’s 25 years of raising money, building awareness and providing education – 25 years of giving burn survivors hope.

Over these years, we've been able to raise a lot of money thanks to people like you. And this year, we hope to cross a major milestone. With your help, we'll surpass $2 million in total revenue raised. That's a staggering figure that has helped improve the lives of a countless number of burn survivors.

As the only dedicated burn unit in the area, Columbia St. Mary’s Regional Burn Center has been an invaluable resource for burn patients throughout Wisconsin, upper Michigan and northern Illinois for more than 50 years. Every year, this state-of-the-art unit treats around 200 patients – Elaina Maier was one such survivor who reaped the benefits of our expert staff and dedicated volunteers.

 It all happened in a flash. A closed door unexpectedly swung open. A pot of boiling water and wax. Splash.

The first thing Elaina recalls of the accident is the taste of her lips blistering. The two-gallons of boiling water and molten wax streamed down her face, arm and chest, leaving a trail of destruction.

Elaina was rushed to a nearby hospital that dressed the wounds then transferred her to Columbia St. Mary’s Regional Burn Center, where Dr. Thomas Schneider, a burn and vascular surgeon, took over her care. 

“Don’t go it alone,” Elaina Meier says. “Grab the hand that’s offered and then turn around and offer a hand.”

Elaina would be the first to tell you that the way she dealt with her accident wasn’t ideal. For a long time she refused to accept the reality of her injuries. Most of her life she was a first-class athlete – she was recruited to play soccer in college and as a sophomore she was the starting goalkeeper and team captain – so the idea of giving in to the injury was simply not a part of her psyche. Walk it off, play through the pain, never show weakness – those are the instinctive reactions of a serious athlete.

“I was stubborn,” Elaina says. “I made some mistakes – some youthful, prideful mistakes.”

The expert and compassionate staff at the Regional Burn Center understood what Elaina was going through and worked with her to create a personally tailored treatment plan that addressed both the physical and psychological effects of her burn.

Twelve years later, Elaina, now 31, is a high school teacher, soccer coach and a tireless advocate for burn survivors. She is a volunteer with Columbia St. Mary’s Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) program and the Burn Survivor Support Group.

Elaina brings a unique perspective to burn support groups. As a goalkeeper, Elaina was the last line of defense, isolated and self-reliant – and that was how she initially approached her recovery. But by going it alone and keeping her pain quiet for as long as she did, she was able to learn the importance of asking for and accepting help. And that’s the singular lesson she passes along to fellow burn survivors.

“Don’t go it alone,” Elaina says. “Grab the hand that’s offered and then turn around and offer a hand.”

If you’d like to join us in offering that hand to survivors such as Elaina, please click HERE and register for the 2013 Burn Center Golf Invitational.

Golfers will tee off on August 26, 2013 at the lavish Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. This year, the event’s Silver Anniversary, we hope to exceed $2 million in total money raised. We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors for helping make that goal a reality.


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