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Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives

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The Power is with You!

If you are 50 years or older you need to get tested for colon cancer, earlier if you have symptoms such as rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits, or have a family history of colon cancer. You have the power to PREVENT colon cancer—not just find it early. Stop colon cancer before it starts!

What to Do

Talk to your doctor. Learn about screening options that include:

  • Colonoscopy: Highly recommended as the BEST method to screen for colorectal cancer and the first choice to prevent colon cancer. The procedure is normally done every 10 years, unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Medicare and most insurance plans cover this screening exam.

  • Hemosure: A yearly testing you do at home. It involves collecting two separate stool samples you bring to the clinic. Medicare and most insurance plans pay for this lab test.

Take Action

Talk to your doctor about what screening option is best for you.

To schedule a colonoscopy at one of the following Columbia St. Mary’s locations call 855-358-2873.


Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee
2301 N. Lake Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee
13111 N. Port Washington Rd.
Mequon, WI 53097

Gateway Medical Clinic
801 S. 70th St.
West Allis, WI  53214

River Woods Outpatient Center
375 W. River Woods Pkwy.
Glendale, WI  53212

Sheboygan Outpatient Center
1414 N. Taylor Dr.
Sheboygan, WI  53081



The Facts

  • Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death for men and women.
  • Early colorectal cancers usually have no symptoms—making regular screenings essential.
  • 90 percent of colorectal cancers are preventable—and it starts with a colonoscopy.


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