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A Passion for Patient Care: Food and Nutrition Services

Hospital food doesn’t have to be dull or lacking flavor. Patients at Columbia St. Mary’s (CSM) enjoy delicious and healthy food, and have the opportunity to take advantage of other CSM nutrition services as well.

Green practices
CSM has taken the Healthy Food in Healthcare pledge through Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading membership and networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community. Practice Greenhealth has made a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Milwaukee cafeteria staff (left to right): Elaina Schueler, Sharon Remm, Bobby Pantuso, Jeff Robinson, Ester Wright, and Anita Ashford

Milwaukee cafeteria team (left to right):
Elaina Schueler, Sharon Remm,
Bobby Pantuso, Jeff Robinson,
Ester Wright, and Anita Ashford, with a
pink creampuff created for CSM's 
Breast Health Awareness Week. 

CSM's Food and Nutrition Services
participated in our Breast Health
Awareness Week by making a
special "Think Pink" cake, pink
creampuffs and a "Cancer Fighting
Meal Deal" lunch that included
cancer-fighting foods - all sold in the
cafeterias to raise money for CSM's
Breast Health Centers.

Ozaukee cafeteria staff (left to right):

Ozaukee cafeteria team (left to right):
first row - Willie Brown, Nancy Melkonian,
Yolanda Sosa; second row: - Barb Mihm,
Erin Krenz, Emily Horack, Jessica Decker;
third row - Barb Mihm, Erin Krenz,
Emily Horack, Jessica Decker; and
fourth row -  Brian Gehweiler, Matt Myers.

The pledge is a framework that outlines steps to be taken by the health care industry to improve the health of patients, communities and the environment.

Food and Nutrition Services incorporates environmentally friendly services and supplies, such as plates and bowls that are compostable, and they have reduced their carbon footprint by using bulk containers. Using hormone-free milk, natural burgers and chickens, as well as organic and locally grown produce for salad bars, gives patients, visitors and staff access to healthier foods and promotes overall wellness.

Food service at various CSM sites
Food and Nutrition Services are responsible for food service and vending machine service for Columbia St. Mary’s hospitals and clinics. Patients, and their visitors, staying at the Milwaukee or Ozaukee hospitals can order food via room service or at the cafeterias. They also oversee patient and cafeteria food production at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin.

In addition, Food and Nutrition Services provides daily lunches to CSM’s two Children’s School locationsRiverPoint and Generations. The Lakefield Adult Daycare in Ozaukee County receives lunches delivered on a daily basis and CSM often donates leftover food to a program that serves the poor..

Columbia St. Mary’s often hosts meetings and classes, as well as small and large events. Food and Nutrition Services provides the catering including a menu with a wide variety of food and beverages - and service during these events.

“Columbia St. Mary’s Food and Nutrition Services contributes to our patients’ exceptional overall hospital experience by providing room service,” said Carrie Schoner, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at CSM and a certified and registered dietician. “This allows patients to order the food they want from our menu anytime between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., giving them control of when and what they eat.”

Nutrition expertise
Food and Nutrition Services provides clinical nutrition expertise through dieticians who offer in-patient and out-patient nutritional support.
These 13 dieticians - on staff at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee hospitals - teach classes, host support groups and provide community education to businesses and schools.

The next time you visit Columbia St. Mary’s cafeteria, or order room service as a patient at one of our locations, remember the hard work and “passion for patient care” that our Food and Nutrition Services staff puts into providing quality, healthy options. 


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