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A Passion for Patient Care: Breast Health Medical Imaging Staff

Columbia St. Mary’s Breast Health Centers’ highly trained staff is dedicated to assisting patients and their families with individualized and compassionate care. Armed with the latest services and state-of-the-art technology, the Medical Imaging and Mammography Technologists take pride in their work and make a positive difference in the lives of our patients.

   Kim Eigner enjoys working in the ever-changing breast imaging field.
Kim Eigner enjoys working in
the ever-changing breast
imaging field.

  Nancy Minkin finds true meaning in her work by touching the lives of others.
Nancy Minkin finds true
meaning in her work by
touching the lives of others.

Pam Piel, Kim Eigner, Kathy Mattke and Nancy Minkin are four of the many dedicated and hardworking team members of Columbia St. Mary’s staff making its multidisciplinary approach to treatment and care successful. Here, they share why their work is meaningful to them and important for our patients.

Pam Peil, Lead Mammography Technologist, has been doing mammography for the 23 years she has been with CSM. For 13 years, Pam has been a Dedicated Mammogram Technologist. She does interventional procedures, like biopsies, along with screenings and diagnostic mammograms. “I take great pride in performing my job to the fullest to provide the answers needed in the diagnosis of breast cancer,” said Pam. “We are all proud of the service we provide to patients.”

“From its early beginnings of Xeromammography to film screen mammography and now digital mammography, I am proud to work in a field that is ever-changing in its level of technology,” said Kim Eigner, Mammography Team Leader at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital. Kim has been the Team Leader for more than four years and has been involved with breast imaging for over 20. Working in this field brings her great personal and professional satisfaction. “I have met thousands of women over the years whose lives have been saved due to this technology, and for this, I am proud to be a part.  Each and every life is important to someone, somewhere, and this is why I am so satisfied to work in this field.  We, as breast imagers, can and do make a difference!”

Kathy Mattke has been an x-ray technologist at Columbia St. Mary’s for 27 years and has been doing mammograms for the last 12. Kathy personally understands the emotional toll that cancer can have on a patient and her loved ones. She said, “We lost our mother to breast cancer at age 46. My youngest brother was 12. I know the devastation cancer can have on a family. If I can help one mother live longer by finding the cancer early, her prognosis is much better for her and also for her family.” 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When working with detection of breast cancer, I have been given the opportunity to make the most important difference in the lives of women and their families,” said Nancy Minkin, who finds true meaning and value in her work by touching the lives of others. Nancy has been a technologist in the field of radiology for 37 years. She has been working with mammography since 1984 and at Columbia St. Mary’s Riverwoods for the past five years.

Columbia St. Mary’s Foundation thanks these women, and the whole staff at our Breast Health Centers for all they do to help our patients, their families and our community.

Watch for May’s e-newsletter where we’ll answer a question that many women have: “When should I get a mammogram?”

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