Going Beyond Medicine

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The “Hospital of the Future” supports an entirely new
approach to providing health care.

Going Beyond Medicine

Take everything you know about medicine, then go beyond. That's what we've done. Columbia St. Mary’s (CSM) is transforming health care. Propelled by our passion for patient care, we’re going Beyond Medicine to reinvent the patient experience.

We are constructing entirely new ways to bring together leading-edge research, advanced treatments and smart buildings designed to adapt to new technologies. These efforts will enable healthcare teams to work together better and to help patients heal faster.

Our goal is to provide the best results in the safest environment, designed around our patients’ needs. That’s what it means to go Beyond Medicine.

Our call to action

Health care that works. Health care that is safe. Health care that leaves no one behind.

We draw our inspiration from the rich heritage of our earliest hospitals: St. Mary’s Hospital, Wisconsin’s first hospital, founded with a deep care for community and Columbia Hospital, an innovator over a remarkable 100-year history. Remaining true to our heritage, our vision its to improve the health care and well-being of the people we serve by partnering with our patients and their loved ones - to provide the highest quality health care, to heal their bodies, their minds and their spirits - all the while remaining true to our mission to care for those who are vulnerable. 


The main hospital is connected to the Women's Hospital by a walkway, making wayfinding easy for patients and visitors.

The Beyond Medicine Campaign began on July 1, 2005, and will conclude in December 2010. Perhaps the most obvious outcome of this campaign is the new Milwaukee Hospital. This “Hospital of the Future” will include sophisticated centers of excellence, specialized treatments, leading edge technology, and superb physicians and health care workers all aligned to provide patient focused care for the individual, their family and their loved ones. It will allow CSM to provide seamless care coordinated around the patients’ needs - care that speeds healing, reduces the impact of illness and disease and makes the patient’s experience better for everyone.

Opening this October, the new hospital consolidates CSM’s current Columbia and Lake Drive. This consolidation will reduce excess capacity and redundancy and as a result will generate annual operating savings of more than $19 million, further strengthening our role as the leading health care value in the Milwaukee region. The new 835,000 square foot hospital will have 9 floors with 80 percent of windows overlooking Lake Michigan, 513 inpatient beds and 848 new parking spaces. 

Fully digital operating suites offer
surgeonsthe most advanced
technologies to care for their

The evidence-based design uses tested and proven architectural and design elements to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and aid in the recruitment and retention of top quality staff. Elements of the new hospital include:

  • Specialty Institutes
    Three Specialty Institutes, Heart and Vascular Services, Orthopedic and Neurologic Services, and Testing and Treating bring the caregivers to the patient, rather than requiring the patient to navigate facilities and services on their own. Patients and guests will enter their treatment area through one door and find all of their needs organized into one place – testing, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Patient Rooms
    Patient rooms were designed with the needs of each member of the team in mind – the caregiver, the patient and their family. Private rooms will minimize infection and reduce distractions causing stress. Each room has three distinct zones – patient, family and caregiver. Rooms include advanced monitoring equipment with complete health information through electronic health records. Patients control the lighting and temperature, and have access to nature and natural light through large windows that look out upon extraordinary views of Lake Michigan, the downtown Milwaukee Skyline and the Lake Drive community.
  • Offering Areas of Respite
    Each patient floor includes family lounges and respite terraces for families to relax. Visitors will have access to interactive media options, kitchen facilities and “quiet rooms” for those in need of private time. These areas also provide natural light throughout the patient floors and way-finding assistance to visitors as points of orientation.
  • Advanced Technology
    Fully digital operating suites will be equipped with robotic surgery systems with multi-specialty functionality. Movable "computers on wheels" will provide access to patients’ full health records right at the bedside or wherever needed. Patients and family members will be able to easily access health information or purchase care items at resource kiosks.


The new hospital's connection to nature creates a healing environment which helps reduce stress.

The new hospital's connection to
nature creates a healing
environment which helps reduce
stress so patients can heal faster.

With these elements and many more aspects of the new hospital, Columbia St. Mary’s is creating a healing environment that will put patients in control of their environment, alleviate stress for patients and families, encourage the involvement of the family and allow staff to work more efficiently – leading to better outcomes.

Together, we can make this transformation a reality. Every gift is greatly appreciated. To donate to the Beyond Medicine Campaign, please click one of the links below.

Community members, click here for information on how to donate.
Employees and physicians, click here to donate online.

Watch for Columbia St. Mary’s Foundation’s September e-newsletter which will include information on the new Milwaukee hospital events and opening information.


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