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A Passion for Patient Care: The Women's Heart Secrets Program shares information to revolutionize how women think about their hearts and their health 


The Heart Secrets Program team
back: Heather Seubert, Dr. Joshua
Liberman, Jennifer Motl; front:
Dr. Patricia Dolhun, Kim Beyer

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women – affecting one out of every three women. There is a lot that women don’t know about their health. In fact, it seems as if these important issues are being kept secret. Columbia St. Mary’s has a program that educates women about these “secrets” and partners in helping women make necessary, long term changes to their lifestyle.

The Women’s Heart Secrets Program at Columbia St. Mary’s has resources to help women face the challenge of taking care of themselves, their families, along with work and community obligations. Their goal is to empower women to reach a higher level of wellness while preventing heart attacks, strokes and vascular disease.

Heart Secrets isn’t about keeping secrets – it’s about sharing information with women that will revolutionize the way they think about their heart health. It’s about helping women feel the best they ever have.

Heart Secrets is a medical program designed to prevent disease before it starts. It helps you improve your heart health even if you’ve already had a cardiac event.
Anyone concerned about their heart health is a candidate for the Heart Secrets program; whether you are in your 20s and have a family history of heart disease, in your 40s and starting to wonder how menopause will change your body and affect your heart health, or are in your 60s and have current health issues and are eager to know what else you can do to take care of your heart.

If you’re concerned about your health, take the first step - make a Shared Medical Appointment (SMA), the newest trend in healthcare. At this innovative two hour medical visit, you will receive the most up-to-date information on prevention of cardiovascular disease, insight into the behavioral components of sustainable lifestyle modification, and individualized nutrition and physical activity prescriptions. It combines a traditional one-on-one physician visit with a chance to interact with many providers and other women all focused on one topic: women’s heart health. Heart Secrets is proud to introduce its dedicated medical staff:

Patrician Dolhun, MD- Medical Director

Patricia Dolhun, MD - Medical Director
"The Heart Secrets Program at Columbia St. Mary's is here to education you about heart disease and help you make changes to improve your heart health. Each woman's risk factors for cardiovascular disease are very personal and Heart Secrets is dedicated to giving each woman the individual prevention strategies she needs. Columbia St. Mary's is poised to become the leader in women's cardiac care throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, and at Heart Secrets we know that cardiovascualr risk can be decreased through proper assessment and prevention strategies."

Jennifer Motl, RD - Registered Dietitian

Joshua Liberman, MD - Preventive Cardiologist
“My experience working with cardiac patients has made me believe that the best way to treat heart disease is to prevent it from developing in the first place. I enjoy participating in Heart Secrets Shared Medical Appointments, as well as consulting with patients one-on-one. I believe the Columbia St. Mary’s Women’s Heart Secrets Program is perfect for any woman wishing to take charge of her heart health.” 

Heather Seubert, ANP-BC, APNP - Nurse Practitioner & Program Coordinator

Heather Seubert, ANP-BC, APNP - Nurse Practitioner & Program Coordinator
“I truly enjoy working with women to help them realize they can succeed in reaching a higher level of health and overall sense of well-being, no matter what their level of health or fitness. I strongly believe every woman can make small changes that fit into their lifestyles today, tomorrow, and years down the road — changes that can help lower their risk for heart disease and diabetes. The Heart Secrets Program is the perfect vehicle to help women make positive changes they can maintain.”  

Jennifer Motl, RD - Registered Dietitian

Kim Beyer, BS - Exercise Specialist
“Almost every person has been affected by cardiovascular disease in one way or another, including me. When Columbia St. Mary’s began the Women’s Heart Secrets Program I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The Women’s Heart Secrets Program is very dear to my heart because of my personal experiences. I believe every woman needs to learn about heart disease and how to change their lives to prevent it from affecting them; something the Heart Secrets Program is able to do.”

Jennifer Motl, RD - Registered Dietitian

Jennifer Motl, RD - Registered Dietitian
“Nutrition doesn’t cure all, but it is incredibly empowering. Each of us can help shape our lives and energy by what we put on our plates. Many people haven’t been exposed to all the delicious and healthy dishes out there, and it’s exciting for me when people discover that they enjoy the flavor of nourishing foods. I think we can have it all, good taste and good health.” See Jennifer’s article on healthy summer eating in this month’s Healthy Living section.

After your SMA, the Heart Secrets team will follow up with you to answer any questions and encourage you on the road to heart health.

You can stay even further connected by joining the online Heart Secrets community to get the latest news and information on women’s heart health. You will be alerted to new blog entries and about special Heart Secrets classes and events. 

Also, please note the array of community class offerings, found on at  For questions or to sign up for a Shared Medical Appointment, please call 414-961-3600. 


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