Epilepsy Treatments

The expert team at Columbia St. Mary’s Epilepsy Center can help you manage your seizure symptoms with the ultimate goal of living a seizure-free life.  The treatment plan for each and every one of our patients is unique, and may include a combination of these symptom management strategies.


There are a variety medications available to help control, reduce, or eliminate seizures.  Choosing the right medication can be challenging. Seizure treatment is tailored to each individual, and not a single treatment will work for everybody. Sometimes several combinations of medications need to be tried until before finding one that works. Taking a closer look at why one medication did not work is often helpful in determining an effective treatment.


Surgical Procedures

If seizures are not controlled by two or more seizure medications, surgery may be an option. Surgical options include lesionectomy and vagal nerve stimulator placement. 

Epilepsy resection surgery: If the brain scan shows an abnormality and it can be confirmed that seizures are coming from the area of abnormality, the area of abnormality can be removed.

Vagal Nerve Stimulator Placement: A device can be implanted to stimulate a nerve that can stop seizures.


Alternative Methods

There are many clinical medication trials that are available to patients who meet the guidelines and are seeking new options when others fail. Talk to Dr. Morris for more information on clinical trials.

All trials are run in accordance of the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) strict review guidelines.



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