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Exceptional Cancer Care that Treats the Whole Person: Mind, Body & Spirit 

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Polly and Bill Van Dyke Cancer Centers provide patients with personalized, well-rounded care that integrates the best staff with the most advanced technologies and treatment methods available.  

Your gifts will expand programs like our Nurse Navigator model of care, which provides every cancer patient with a personal nurse navigator who guides them through every step of their cancer journey.


Watch the video below to learn more about our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator program: 

Your gifts support:

  • Expansion of our nurse navigator model of care

  • A more healing, calming environment that includes beautifully manicured healing gardens

  • Access to 3D diagnostic care including mammographies and biopsies 

  • A comprehensive survivorship program that serves patients from the moment they are diagnosed.

  • Expansion of complementary therapies to enhance the patient's emotional and spiritual well-being. Learn more about our Live Well Through Treatment Programs.

  • Increase clinical trials to bring more cancer care knowledge to our care plans. 

Because of your generosity, we to provide personalized, compassionate care for people fighting cancer. 



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Polly & Bill Van Dyke's Story

Polly and Bill's commitment to Ascension Columbia St. Mary's was unparalleled. Rooted in a deep commitment to family, friends and their community, the Van Dykes answered their call to care with vision, passion, humility and generosity.

For many years, Polly served on all of our boards:  Columbia Hospital, Columbia Foundation, Columbia College of Nursing, Columbia Health System, and Columbia St. Mary's.

It was Polly's vision and generosity that created the Van Dyke Haebler Center for Women's Imaging -- Wisconsin's premier breast imaging center. 

From 2006 to 2011, Polly and Bill served as honorary chairs of our $42 million Beyond Medicine Campaign. And, they were loyal donors for decades.  

Both Polly and Bill passed away in 2014, leaving an incredible legacy of care and concern to Columbia St. Mary's patients for decades to come. 


You will notice that the Van Dyke Cancer Center logo features a yellow rose, which was Polly's favorite flower. The flower was incorporated in tribute to Polly, however, it was also stylized to represent the team of caregivers who surround the patient in a supportive embrace, much like the philosophy of our cancer navigator program.



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