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What is wireless access?
Wireless access is Internet access using radio frequencies as opposed to using cables. This enables a hospital patient or guest to bring their own laptop or wireless device to the hospital and use the hospital's Internet connection from anywhere within the range of the wireless signal.

What do I need to access the wireless network?

  • A laptop computer, PDA, or other device with a wireless network interface card, 802.11b compatible.
  • A charged battery. Some electrical outlets are available, but the hospital cannot guarantee availability.

How do I connect?
In most cases you will not need to change the settings on your computer to connect. Simply launch your web browser. Your computer's web browser will be redirected to the logon page. If you can't connect immediately, use the following Connection Instruction and Troubleshooting Tips included below.


  1. Verify that wireless communication is enabled on your laptop.
  2. Right-click the wireless connection icon in your taskbar and click View Available Wireless Networks.
  3. The Wireless Network Connection dialog box appears. If no networks appear, click Refresh Network List in the upper-left corner.
  4. Choose the wireless network CSM WIFI by clicking on its name, and click Connect.
  5. Windows XP will briefly change the network’s connection status to Acquiring Network Address, and then to Connected. You can now close the Wireless Network Connection dialogue box.
  6. Open your browser, you will be directed to the CSM logon page, review the Terms of Use Agreement and click on I Agree if you agree to the terms.
  7. You will be redirected to the CSM website, at which point you can type in the name of any Internet site you wish to visit.Keeping


  1. Select System Preferences.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Select Airport in the Show menu.
  4. Click on the TCP/IP tab, and make sure DHCP is selected.
  5. Click on Airport tab and select CSM WIFI.
  6. Click Apply Now.
  7. Open your browser, you will be directed to the CSM logon page, review the Terms of Use Agreement and click on I Agree if you agree to the terms.
  8. You will be redirected to the CSM website, at which point you can type in the name of any Internet site you wish to visit.

Is technical support available?
Basic phone support is available at (414) 326-2400 from 8:00 am – 5:00pm Monday - Friday for our customers with wireless capability. The support staff will verify the current operational state of the wireless internet system. While our professionals will also be available for basic configuration questions via the above phone number, please consult your owner’s manual or other support services offered by your device manufacture. CSM staff or technical professionals will not be able to touch and configure personal devices; this will be the sole responsibility for all CSM guests.

Will I be able to access my personal or corporate e-mail?
Yes. However, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company for special instructions.

Can I print from the wireless network?
Printers are not available via the wireless connection.

Is the Internet access filtered?
Yes, all Internet access is filtered. Use of this service is also governed by the Terms of Use Agreement which you agree to before using the service.

How secure is the free wireless connection?
Like most free wireless Internet services the network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software. View our Security Statement for more information.

Can I access the hospital’s systems the wireless network?
No, access is restricted to Internet usage only. Associates should use the secure internal wireless network.

Are there any restrictions on this service?
Yes, please read the Terms of Use Agreement which is presented in your web browser upon initial connectivity for full details.

Wireless Card Settings:
Use the software that came with your wireless card or computer to configure the settings and to verify a connection to the hospital's wireless network.

  • SSID (network name) = "STV-GUEST"
  • WEP = disable WEP encryption
  • Mode or Network Type = Infrastructure mode or Access Point


I can't connect to wireless.

  1. Is your card plugged in?
  2. Does your device have a built in wireless?
  3. Are you inside a Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s building?
  4. Have you ever used wireless on this device before?
  5. Make sure your wireless is configured to "Obtain an IP address automatically".

My wireless stopped working.

  1. Did you leave the building?
  2. Is your wireless card plugged in?

How do I connect?

  1. Make sure your wireless card is enabled.
  2. Go to Wireless network manager.
    • View the list of available networks.
    • "CSM wifi" (You may see other networks listed.)
    • Click Connect.
    • Open your Internet browser.

Can I use my Apple Mac based device?
Yes. See the instructions above in the FAQ section.

What is my speed?
Your speed will vary based on the number of users on the system.

Why can't I listen to my Internet radio?
See also: Why can't I see my YouTube videos?

Why can't I see my YouTube videos?
Streaming Audio and Video are not enabled. This is done in order to preserve bandwidth for the patients at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital.

Can I log onto a secure web site?
Yes, SSL standards are supported.

Can I use My Business Network VPN Connection through This Service?
Yes, IPSEC is supported. Please see your service provider to ensure you are using standard ports.

Why can't I send personal e-mail?

  1. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) will not allow you to send out e-mail unless you are connected on their network.
  2. You may want to try checking your ISP's website to see if they have a web-based e-mail offering.


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