Transvaginal Hydrolaparoscopy / Fertilioscopy

Laparoscopy requires an incision in the belly button, usually general anesthesia, and use of the hospital operating room. For the past few years Drs. Charles Koh and Grace Janik have performed transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy as an office procedure. This involves placing a very small scope through the vagina and visualization of the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the back of the uterus is possible. Dye can be injected to demonstrate whether the tubes are open. The procedure lasts about five minutes and is virtually pain-free. Most women take only ibuprofen before the procedure.

A recent innovation, called Fertiloscopy, involves specialized disposable equipment for performing transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy as well as examination of the uterus (hysteroscopy). This allows the fertility evaluation to be done all at once without the need for going to the x-ray department or operating room in various sequences.

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