Rectal Prolapse Repair


Cause / Condition
Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the lining of the rectum pushes out of the anus, usually in the process of having a bowel movement. This prolapse differs from prolapsing hemorrhoids in that the entire rectal wall comes out. Most patients must manually push the rectum back up, although is more severe cases the prolapsed colon is "out" all of the time. This condition frequently results in continual soilage of underclothing and may also result in incontinence.


About the Procedure
Preoperatively, the entire colon should be studied to be sure it is normal. If incontinence is suspected, a study to determine the anal sphincter strength may be recommended prior to any surgery. The patient is generally admitted the morning of surgery, after having cleansed the bowel at home the day prior to the operation.

To repair the rectal prolapse laparoscopically, the surgeon will make 3 or 4 small ½ inch incisions. The rectum is placed back into the abdomen and secured with a mesh patch and staple, thus preventing further prolapse. Colon resection, if indicated, is also a laparoscopic option.


The vast majority of these procedures do not require the removal of any bowel section; therefore, bowel function normally returns in 2-5 days at which time the patient is discharged from the hospital.



Expectations / Experience
As with any surgery, the patient can expect to feel discomfort and tenderness, temporarily, which improve during the normal course of recovery. The recovery time is shortened as indicated on the comparative table.


The surgeons of MIMIS have been performing successful laparoscopic rectal prolapse repair since 1992 with consistently excellent patient results, in addition to being among the first in the country to report on those results.


Factor Traditional Laparoscopic
Hospital Stay 7 days 2-5 days
Pain during recovery Moderate Minimal
Return to work timeframe 6 weeks 2-3 weeks
Cosmetic results 12" scar 4 tiny incisions

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