Pulmonary Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Pulmonary conditioning and rehabilitation provides progressive exercise and education for individuals with chronic pulmonary diseases.

Pulmonary rehabilitation has evolved in response to the dramatic increase in numbers of individuals with chronic pulmonary diseases and the changing views of health promotion. For many years, the standard of care for pulmonary patients included inactivity, rest and medical treatment. Today, pulmonary rehabilitation programs view activity as therapy and a means of conditioning, along with medical treatment. Patients benefit by being actively involved in their own health care.

The goal of pulmonary conditioning is to train individuals in specific techniques that will improve their ability to participate in life’s activities. Increasing exercise tolerance is the key to independence and self-reliance.

Essential Components of a Pulmonary Conditioning and Rehabilitation Program

Emotional Support

  • Return to social activities

  • Safe use of oxygen and the ability to travel

  • ndividual and/or family counseling

Physical Strengthening

  • Improved ability to accomplish daily goals

  • Oxygen weaning, if appropriate

  • Improved exercise endurance

  • Individualized exercise program

  • Bronchial hygiene techniques

Individualized Education

  • Education and encouragement in use of controlled breathing

  • Early detection of illness

  • Knowledge to avoid unhealthy environments

  • Education about anatomy, physiology and medication

  • Smoking cessation techniques, strategies and support

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