I Pledge

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Championed By Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Cardiovascular Specialists
...to bring better cardiac care to our community 
... to eat a rainbow of food choices
...  to increase daily activity 

What will YOU pledge? Tell us on Facebook! 

Download the "I Pledge" sign - fill in your pledge and share your photo @CSM Foundation. 

Click here to download the "I Pledge" sign. 

Dr. Liberman, Gala Co-Chair Pledges:
"...to balance work and life and take time to relax." 


Dr. Holoshitz, Gala Co-Chair Pledges:
 "...to make healthy meal choices and find more time for myself." 

Columbia St. Mary's Foundation & Community Services Staff 
"...to practice more self care."
"...to eat healthy"
"...to be more understanding." 


Amy Junker, Gala Co-Chair Pledges:
"...to teach my kids to live healthy lives." 




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