What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

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The term Minimally Invasive Surgery refers to specialized surgical techniques involving the use of precise instruments designed to allow visualization inside a region of the body.

Short incisions are made in the skin through which narrow tubes are inserted and instruments used for performing surgery are slid into place. Carbon dioxide gas may be used to expand the body cavity and provide space for the surgeon to operate.

Viewing inside the body is done with a laparoscope (small telescope connected to a miniature video camera). Images are sent by the camera to a video monitor and viewed by the surgeon performing the necessary repair/removal.

These procedures are defined as laparoscopic. Chest (cardiothoracic) and some spine procedures include a thorascope.

Minimally Invasive Surgery = Maximum Results
There are many advantages for the patient who chooses to have laparoscopic surgery. Minimally invasive surgery results in less trauma to muscular tissues, less scarring and less postoperative pain. Because no major muscle groups are cut, postoperative breathing, coughing and walking are easier. By reducing the need for pain medication there is less unsteadiness, drowsiness and fatigue sometimes associated with strong analgesics.

Overall recovery time is faster and patients return to normal activities and/or work sooner compared to traditional (open) surgery.

Commitment to Excellence
Skilled nurses and dedicated surgical technicians are essential in building and maintaining the MIMIS program of demonstrated, excellent patient results. Staff receive specialized training to provide the type of care required to maintain such results.

Abdominal, pelvic, thoracic and spinal procedures have been performed successfully by MIMIS since 1991 (first in the midwest).

With the recent emergence of similar type centers, MIMIS surgeons remain a cut-above.



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