Employee Health Assessments

Evaluating Physical Fitness

Knowing a potential employee is healthy and fit is essential information for an employer. Knowing a potential employee is healthy and fit to perform the physical tasks of the job is critical information for an employer. CorporateWORx can provide pre-placement assessments that evaluate potential employees’ initial physical fitness for a job and ongoing assessments that review the continued compatibility of employees’ job requirements and physical ability.

The following Initial and Ongoing Employee Health Assessments are available:

  • Physical Examinations – pre-placement, annual physicals, executive physicals, disability, and return-to-work examinations.
  • DOT Exams and Drug Testing – DOT exams, NIDA urine drug testing, BAT testing.
  • OSHA Mandate Screenings – for work environments with identified hazards monitored under OSHA, CorporateWORx reviews the work site hazards and develops appropriate health exams and screenings to provide the employer with baseline data in compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Work Site Analysis – an assessment of the workplace to determine physical requirements of the job, establishing a sound base for pre-placement evaluation needs.
  • Respiratory Surveillance Programs – provides pulmonary function screening and respirator monitoring.
  • Hearing Conservation Program – provides certified audiology screening, annual monitoring, education of the employees, and policy and procedures for hearing protective devices and documentation.
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Education – provides educational programs, Hepatitis B vaccine administration, and exposure control policies and procedures.

Whether determining the ability of an employee to perform a job function or providing an assessment that decreases the risk of employee injury, CorporateWORx can help you meet your employees’ total health needs.



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