Colostomy Reversal


Cause / Condition
For various and emergent medical situations a temporary colostomy may be performed. Once the initial emergent situation has stabilized, a patient may be evaluated for a reversal of the colostomy. Prior to reversal, it is imperative that the remaining colon and rectum be examined for normalcy.



About the Procedure
Bowel cleansing is done at home prior to surgery. During the laparoscopic procedure, the stoma is removed and bowel continuity is restored without having to reopen the first abdominal incision. Along with 2 or 3 ½" incisions, only one additional incision around the stoma is required.


In a small number of patients, the need for more extensive surgery will require conversion to an open approach. As with any surgery, your physician should identify all potential outcomes.



Generally the hospital stay is around 5 days, allowing for return of normal bowel function, overall increased activity and a regular diet for the patient.



Expectations / Experience
Patients can expect to feel temporary discomfort and tenderness. MIMIS surgeons have reported, written and lectured on results and other facets of colon surgery, worldwide.



Factor Traditional Laparoscopic
Hospital Stay 7-8 days 5 days
Pain during recovery Moderate Minimal
Return to work timeframe 6 weeks 3-4 weeks
Cosmetic results 2 large incisions 3-4 tiny incisions

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