Burn Prevention Tips

Burn Prevention

  • Keep matches, lighters and other smoking materials away from children.
  • Never smoke in bed or when you’re feeling tired.
  • Don’t leave candles or other open flames unattended around children.
  • When cooking, keep dangerous items out of the reach of small children.
    • Turn pot handles in toward the stove, away from curious hands.
    • Keep appliances away from the edge of the counter (like coffee pots or other hot objects).
  • When cooking on the stove:
    • If oil in a pan catches fire: Use a lid from the pan to smother the fire.
    • DON’T carry the burning pot outside or to the sink: If it spills, or flames up, you can get a serious burn.
  • Test the bath water:
    • Before you get in.
    • Before you help your child into the tub.
    • Before you help someone with less sensitivity to heat or cold into the tub (like someone who is paralyzed).
      Don’t set the water heater temperature above 120 degrees (Fahrenheit).
  • Be careful around summer bonfires.
    • Watch those around you and help keep everyone safe.
    • Keep gasoline or other flammable items away from the fire.
    • Keep small children far enough away from the fire.
    • Even the next day after the fire has gone out, coals can still be hot enough to cause a burn.
  • Don’t use gasoline to start your grill.
  • Alcohol or drugs mixed with smoking, cooking late at night, fire or gasoline is always a dangerous combination.
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