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Beyond Medical Treatment
Until now, you probably never considered the many issues and challenges that arise with a diagnosis of cancer. Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s offers many support services to help you deal with almost any type of problem that might occur.

Support Groups
Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s offers various support groups throughout the year regarding women and cancer. Some educational offerings include:

  • Look Good, Feel Better
  • Managing Fatigue, Chemo and Other Side Effects of Cancer and Treatment

For more information about these classes, please call (414) 963-WELL (9355).

Oncology Rehabilitation Therapy
People diagnosed with cancer are living longer than ever before mainly due to earlier detection and more effective cancer treatment. We have oncology rehabilitation therapists, individuals who are specially trained in the area of cancer rehabilitation, who help you through the entire continuum of care. Their goal is to enhance the quality of life and improve the functioning of individuals and families affected by cancer.

Oncology Exercise Program
Occupational and physical therapists with specialized training in oncology rehabilitation are available to develop individualized exercise programs to help increase muscle strength and flexibility, and decrease side effects of cancer treatments.

For more information about oncology rehabilitation therapy and our oncology exercise program, call (414) 961-4160.



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