2018 CycleBar Charity Ride

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Minimum Suggested Donation: $100 per seat 


Event Details

We invite you....to get your heart pumping!

Participate in an energetic and exciting customized indoor ride under the leadership of CycleBar instructors - Blair and Brin - while raising money to support Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Be of Good Heart program - designed to educate and screen those living in central Milwaukee for diabetes and hypertension, and coordinating critically needed follow-up care. 

Date:  Saturday, September 8, 2018

Location:  CycleBar Mequon - 11104 North Port Washington Road

Class Time:  11:30am (snacks and mimosas to follow!)

Minimum Suggested Donation: $100 per seat (includes ride, raffle drawing, health snacks...and mimosas!) 

Benefitting Cause

Be Of Good Heart

 At the heart of...Ascension Columbia St. Mary's is our dedication to providing the most advanced and compassionate heart care for you, your loved ones and those across the region.

 At the heart of...our community outreach is our commitment to making a positive difference in the health and wellness of all people, with special concern for those who are vulnerable.  Last year, your generosity started the Be of Good Heart program that provides diabetes and high blood pressure screening - conditions that often lead to poor cardiac health - to underserved people in our communities.  This year, your generosity will allow us to enhance this program and expand our reach.  




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